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Wilson Marketing Group, Inc.

 Strategy and Marketing Consultants

Helping organizations evolve, innovate and grow since 1986.

The Wilson Marketing Group (WMG) - strategy and marketing experts - working with you to co-create winning strategies and implement them in the marketplace - actionable marketing plans and strategies with solid implementation plans.In today’s uncertain economic condition, companies are faced with a host of issues that are impacting the way they do business. We provide a full range of service tailored to the needs of any small to medium sized company whether the company is just starting up or competing in a mature market.  

    • But what do they really care about?  Why do your customers buy from you?
    • How do you reach them – how to identify new opportunities to engage with existing and new clients
    • Are your existing marketing materials and advertising successfully targeting customers and generate sales?
    • Are you maximize lifetime customer value by getting former customers to return more often, perhaps with new product or service opportunities
    • What's the current state and future of your market, your competition and your organization? What’s possible?
    • How are you going to achieve success, and how are you going to measure it?
    • Who is going to be responsible? Who has the energy and drive to reach every part of your vision?
    • How are you going to track and review analytics and conversions to benchmark success and achieve optimal results?

To solve them you need experienced experts who can step in quickly, analyze the situation and develop solutions that work. We combine in-depth insights with practical expertise in marketing and strategy development to help you build a customer-focused - and growth-oriented - organization.  We help companies....

  • Develop Effective Market-Driven Growth Strategies
  • Understand their Customer's Needs - Market Research
  • Develop Marketing Plans and Assisted in their Execution
  • Increase Their Competitive Advantage
  • Increase Sales and Profitability
  • Build a Marketing and Sales Organization Designed for Growth

For more than thirty-sixe years, we have worked with clients develop and implement unique solutions to meet their growth objectives. We provide the breadth of experience of a national firm and the responsiveness, accountability and the personal commitment of a local firm. In today's economy with tighter budgets, fewer resources and more competition; sustainable, market driven growth is not a choice, but an imperative. You need a strategy and marketing and sales programs that are efficient and effective in generating immediate returns.

What worked in the past, does not work today. Tomorrow's winners will be companies that are not content to simply survive, but work to become nimble enough to thrive. The Wilson Marketing Group is your strategic resource for developing stronger relationships with your customers, while growing revenue, market share and a better bottom line.

Our mission is simple - to help you  develop an effective strategy, marketing plan and tactics that drive success and growths your business in both the short and long term.

Call us at 763-476-2216 or email us to arrange a free introductory discussion.

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Over 36 years experience providing strategy and marketing consulting to technology companies,  manufacturers and business-to-business clients.