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Wilson Marketing Group, Inc.


Management Advisors - Strategy and Marketing Consultants

Helping clients change, grow and prosper since 1986

Simply stated, we focus on driving profitable top and bottom line growth

Proven processes, customized approach and sustainable results.

The Wilson Marketing Group (WMG) are strategy and marketing experts - creating growth, profits and a sustainable competitive advantage by developing actionable marketing and sales strategies and solid implementation plans based on market research. We are a highly focused team of strategy and marketing specialists who help companies improve their business performance and sales revenue.

For over 33 years the Wilson Marketing Group (WMG) has helped local, regional, national and international companies to identify, develop, and execute business-to-business (B2B) strategies and marketing programs that increase revenues and accelerate sales.  We have worked with a wide-range of companies, from start-ups to billion dollar organizations and have advised business owners throughout North America, Asia, and the United Kingdom.

We understand your business is unique and therefore to achieve dramatic business results,  We help you develop and implement a unique solution that best fits your business and goals.
Our clients benefit from our 29 years of practical experience and we provide clients with both the breadth of experience of a national firm and the responsiveness, accountability and personal commitment of a local firm.

Clients quickly overcome obstacles that impede their growth by building marketing and sales strategies and programs that drive top and bottom line growth while creating a sustainable competitive advantage.

In today's economy with tighter budgets, fewer resources and more competition; sustainable, market driven growth is not a choice, but an imperative. You cannot afford to use a marketing or sales strategy that takes years to pay off or to waste resources on ineffective tactics.  You need marketing and sales programs that are efficient and effective in generating immediate returns. 

We’ve helped clients to …. 

  • Develop Effective Market-Driven Growth Strategies
  • Increase Their Competitive Advantage
  • Execute Marketing Planning and Execution
  • Increase Sales and Profitability
  • Improve Marketing Performance - Marketing Accountability
  • Understand their Customer’s Needs - Market Research
  • Improve their Marketing Return on Investment
  • Improve Customer Value and Retention
  • Build a Marketing and Sales Organizational Designed for Growth

Our mission is simple - to help our clients grow and prosper.

Right now, perhaps more than ever before, companies need to find new ways to improve their business performance and revenue growth. What worked in the past, does not work today. Tomorrow's winners will be companies that are not content to simply survive, but work to become nimble enough to thrive.

The Wilson Marketing Group is your strategic resource for developing stronger relationships with your customers, while growing both market share and a better bottom line.

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Over 33 years experience providing strategy and marketing consulting to technology companies,  manufacturers and business-to-business clients.